Saturday, March 29, 2008

a LoOoOoOoNg DaY

saturday was a very buzy day for me..i started up with the senifoto class which started at 9 and finish at 12.this was the 2nd last class and the lecturer had taught us abt Adobe to use certain features in Adobe to produce the pictures desired. it was very interesting as i never bother at all to use it i know...hehehe

then i went to the library to return 6 books that borrowed for assessment in esl subject..the asgment that turned me to zombie and made my sleeping clock turn to 3++ in the morning..then i went lunch with a bunch of friends at the fave spot are the guys

this is mull- the kenja sotong

matt - the sweet talker

maria@mario - the masculine lady

apiz- the teddy/daddy

at around 2.30pm, i went down to the field since these guys participated in the inter-faculty sport tournament. the games held for that day was volleyball and hockey..i was supposed to be a supporter cum photographer but somehow ended up to be a volleyball player.i no nothing abt the rules and really had but little experience playing the started as the team didn't have enough players and since i was there, mario was giving her promise..hmmm to sayang me..hehehe if i'm in the team.well, for the sake of the TeSl group and termakan pujuk rayu mario, i joined the game. it's quite frightening first as i always heard that yr hand would be painful if u play the game.well, it was indeed painful. my left hand was red (i'm left-handed). it ended so fast..with little experience, we managed to give the physical ed n recreation team a compatible fight..gud job everyone!!

the guys' team also took part in the game. they played very well..thanx to the constant practice that they had in the teacher training college in kuching. the guys' team not only played volleyball but they also joined hockey..
then halfway in the 2nd half of the hockey match, rain stated to pour heavily..there's also lightning and all of us gathered under the canopy, waiting for the rain to stop. the rain did not signaled any sign to stop instead it started to cover the floor.then we were all affected by the rain and some of us were wet. some of the guys had ran off to the toilet nearby to poo poo (smoking)..the others were left behind under the canopy

i usually love it creates a romantic mood for me..but this rain makes me want to go back..i felt really uncomfortable as my feet were drench with the rain. luckily i bought my sandals and LALA's sport shoes that i borrowed not affected at all..what a relief!!hehehe..
tired of waiting, i decided to run in the college was not far from court, so i ran as fast i could to reach the place..
here are some of the pictures taken on the day before and after the rain

the gurls volleyball
the guys volleyball
kak naz - what a nice hat
this is our jersey - i haven't receive mine yet!!

the singer - hakim n mario pictures here and there..for blog ker..hehehe

ka bor n hakim in wet

look at the floor-it's all wet!

aksi manja dari hakim.syuk n ahim ..

best frens???? -model of day well i guess is hakim..hehehe

mengisi masa lapang dikala hujan

sharon - my motivator in the team

then, night's come..while i was doing my writing notes, the sweet talker called via ym..we exchanged info abt the mengenjakan diri..all faults for the kenja sotong..hmmm..rudolf -roy was there too..smua kenja..ish abt 1++am, the sweet talker and i went to al fariz again..i need to run away from the work..and he need to get his supply of off we went there..i forgot that night was MU game and i'm wearing a red shirt, with red tudung n red bracelet..luckily i brought along my's very noisy there..with people shouting for their team..since the sweet talker n me not a real football fans so we took off early..this was what i managed to capture..the kenja sotong's hairs after shampoo..hehehhe..really like badut..

then, i continue working until 5.30 am in the morning..well, what a long day..hehehe..but it's really great..

Friday, March 28, 2008

My PrEcIoUs

mae three musketeers -achik,joe, angah

the cook-joe & the movie goer -angah
the talkative lil princess - ikah
joy n happiness -wif cat (miaowwww)
achik-the sweetest amg all with mimot

as i'm waking up this morning i feel a strong need to call home..guess i really miss my family..the excitement to go home this 11 april has risen to the maximum level..hehehe..why does i miss home so much?well, i miss my family of nagging mum,calling us to wake up when it is 12pm, my dad who is just-wish-what-u-want, my three musketeers who always bulliying me and my lil princess who is soooo talkative and want to be like me..i also miss my mum dishes.our ritual on Friday's lunch,ikan patin masak asam tempoyak, the kerabu pegaga that u can pick up freshly in the backyard and the cream everytime my family going out.not to forget, the groundnuts(my dad fave) and pistachio(my mum fave) that we have during movie/tv watching nite..these make me longing to go home even more.. in these entry i will introduce my treasure to precious,my family.they are my source of motivation when i'm down, my light when i'm lost,my comfort when heartbroken..tru them i be what i am today..through them i gain confidence, love..they always there when i need they are important to me in my every single moment breathing in this mum and dad are always supporting me in whatever i do.they give their trust on me to carry on my life..and i will never let them down..never.. i remember how everynight my parents will go to each of us and kiss us gudnite and touching our forehead and hairs..they will laugh and said 'anak kita dah besar' - 'our children have grown up'..what else that i want..i'm very thankful to have such a family..and i want nothing more..coz i have enough.. don't get bothered if at certain time, i write in Malay,another in English and sometimes in both coz i just write in whatever medium that i feel i want to.. if u want to share sumthing with me,about anything,feel free to do so..i will try my best to get to is all i have and need to say..have a nice day to all of u.. before i'm forgetting, i would like to wish aniz,member of the geng memasak happy 23rd birthday..may all your wish come true..thanx for being a wonderful friend all this while..

Thursday, March 27, 2008

another fine day

lOvE d GrEeN gRaSs

mae JiJiE

JiJiE n Me
d LoVe In Me

aku bangun cam biasa..ermmmmm maknanya slagi leny(my rumate) x bngun aku pun xbgnun..hehehhe..(kdg2 jer)tapi yg pelik nyer walaupun aku mandi dulu (additional info:jam aku cepat 10 minit)..chek2 aku gak yg last siap..hmmm naper ekkk..n then my day start ngan prof thambi yg marah2..aperla pnyer lecturer..aderker dia leh luper class stat at 9 instead of 8?cizzz...bukan maen laju g2 aku kemas..hampeh tul ler prof ni..dah ler ngajar ntah paper ntah..pastu tya sal asgment gitu gini..aperhal??? lak pakai video jek..abis camaner..kalo g2,baek xyah ader lecturer.tang bli jer a set of video..blajar sendiri..hishhhhhhh sabar jer lahh..nasib ader student phd prof ni..dierler ajar kitorang bagai nak rak..kalo xder..sampai ker exam ler aku aku stil blur gak..abis caner la..dia dok cakap bagai nak rak kt depan, mata aku ngadap pc..telinga pun shut time dun give lecture lam lab..ada mende alah tu depan mata,manerler nak dengo sgt org kat depan berkata2..
then i've lunch with B, my dalam kelambu kissing partner..ermmmmm sorry bibi..hehehe..n d rumate, len aka LALA..i'm LILI anyway..i realise that kebelakangan ni aku asyik makan potato jek.arini potato masak sambal.semalam pun potato masak ngan paru lembu..ish ish ish..jgn badan jd potato dah ler..n i've two donuts.. still hot n soooo soft..mmg irresistable..hehehhe
then LALA n i went 2 consult miss dhaya (d beautiful lit tutor) abt our poster..not bad she said..hehehehhe..kalo x silap aku dah 3 poster aku wat so far..all for d sake of creative presentation on lit..
then we went to PK..LALA seek the doc for sumthing yg tumbuh kat tangan dia..aku baru jek nak layan lagu liontin..x minat pun cita nih..kejut gak..x abis2 ag..hishhhhhhh..dah si LALA kuar..mak aihh kejap giler..trus, aku ask LALA 2 bring me to kajang..yessss i'm buying ticket for going home...hehehehhe....
dah tuh balik jer tdo..zzzzzzzz...sampai ler jam menunjukkan 1900. that's my day..setiap ari akan aderrrrrrr jer mende aku wat..xsahhh!!!
back 2 what i promise to tell abt me..
i'm the eldest of 5..wif 3 u can expect me 2 be ganaz..asal balik umah jer lebam saner sini..maner xnyer asyik kena wrestling jer..nasib ler..adik2 aku sumer lawak giler babeng..aku jer serius sket..aku wat lawak pn kkadang org pk serius tau..muka aku kot..hehhe..LALA penah cakap kalo nak signal aku kasi lawak..plz laugh after u make d joke..seee..memang hampeh..
haaaaaaaa,kat sini aku nak kenalkan sumone special in my him bezpren Lady D call him Jijo aka Jijie..hah..yg ni pun kena satu entry tok aku citer..nanti ler ekkkk..aku dah janji ngan my luvely sis ZaQ nak put more pictures..well, i'll try dear k..hmmmm..back to him..we plan to get married soooooooonnnnn..when my family approve this,trus dia nak masuk minang..aku pun dah busan giler..2 kali dah dia propose nak masuk minang..abis camner..kenala aku susun kata2 manis aku nak gtau mak abah..diorang jns yg senyap mak aku semacam dah bagi hint..abiskan study dulu..memangler aku pn pk g2 per..agpun xyahler tunang2..tang kawen jek trus..senang 2 la kan..pakcik ni nak ajak tunang plak..abis caner 2...oittttt..what shud i do ekkk..mama army, ghane nih????
well,that's all 4 now..hv sum email to reply..agpun LALA da kasi aku tasks that i shud do..kang aku luper plak..aku maken kuat luper arr skang..hissssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I, MySeLf aNd Me

the first entry is merely a trial. i've done that in the middle of a discussion with mim n apis in library.what to do..boring giler kat gatal2 kan tangan nak try mende ni..actually i promise to give myself a present for my bufday..well this is it..hehehehe..hope that this will be a place tuk aku luahkan aper jer yg aku rasa..korang suker ker tak lantak ler..hmmm...what i am up for giler ngan asgment yang berlambak2.aku mmg dah psycho..huh ...aper nak wat..last minit baru ler nak serbu..last2 x menang tangan..mmg padan muka, i went to alamanda with group of friends..geng memasak + ms lee..hehehe..ktrg pusing satu alamanda..hmmm nothing interesting really..try2 kasut..hehehe..window shopping jer k..duit dah kritikal..tang handbeg tuh..wah wah..mata aku bersinar2..x semena2 bulat besar g2..hmmm..tahan liur jer la..ikut kan ati nak gak sambar..tapi kenangkan kata mama army(pamz),"ya keprluan ka kehendak" aku jawab "hmmm, kehendak"dgn ati yg huhuhu..Tuhan jer yg tau..xper..tauler aku dah berduit nanti..akan aku dapatkan gak beg tuh. ehhh..rasa cam kuar topik jer..back to what i'm suppose to say.. what about me?a gurl full of love,dreams and hope about everything she has,she want to have and she wants others to have..dreams big and try to achieve it..will she?of course ler boleh jer..if she believe it then she can have it..her life is full with, frens n those who matters to her..the way to shower her love is via physical contact..hugging,kissing..people who know her will get this quick!ya..dun be surprise with it..she is soooooooooooooo her!!! the next entry she will talk about her life..and what she's up for..wait for will know her better that way..that's her promise..and she tends to keep it..

Thursday, March 6, 2008

mOrE tHaN wOrDs

she wants to share her life with those who wants to's about her life..her love, her family, her friends and her loved ones..her life is full of colours but it also has it's own ups and is her meduim to pour it all..this is a beginning of a new adventure that she has undergone in her life..she believes in LOVE and it's philosophies..she tries to be a better person every new day..because she believes that everyday is a new day