Tuesday, April 8, 2008

LiFe Is InDeEd FuN (part 3)

this is the last part of the post..sorry for the late posting
here's is the girls evening out
members: LALA,LILI,LULU n Cat
place:Metro Kajang & pasar malam Bangi

cat n her enthusiasm with sandals and shoes -she's sooo shopaholic

LULU bought a wooden ring while i bought 2 rings in black and red..blum pakai pun..hehehe
LALA and her endless interest with Malay novels..she's in doubt to buy or not to buy..the rest of us tried to be the angel n devil by simultaneously persuading her either to buy or to put
back d novel on the rack

it was a joy for me as i got two rounds of cendol..yummy

LiFe Is InDeEd FuN (part 2)

want to see how guys go miang??
the subject- girl with white tudung and green top

discussing the ASPECTS that they love abt the girl (mull malu2 kucing)

mull imagining..hmmmm
mull's habit- biting nails or is there anything else that he bites?? oooopsssssss

Sunday, April 6, 2008

LiFe Is InDeEd FuN (part 1)

here it is sunday..time is moving so fast..hmm stil there's a lot of things to catch up..well let me start with last friday.i spent the whole day in my room.straightly after waking up,i surfed through the net,reading news and some of the blogs..then i started to do the things in the list..1. take bath 2. breakfast 3. do laundry 4. edit comparative presentation ppoint 5. do the seni foto folio..i've done all the things listed on the list..that's great coz usually i' m not the type of doing according to a list..i will if i feel like i want it..dear me..i slept a bit late that night,watching the Gilmore Girls season 1..this is my fave series while in school.can't remember when though..

regarding the presentation last monday, i have some photos to share with you..

this is olivia @ eton - chef terhormat geng memasak

see how the class during presentation..talking n laughing
this is mr roy..he's cute..hehehe
this is jaime@ LULU

i'm stil waiting for the pictures taken with miss dhaya, our tutor from mr agogo..hmmm

then, on tuesday, LALA and i went to aniz's room to get help for Adobe. Lydia is sleeping soundlessly at that time. then, she woke up..suddenly she became sooooo camera shy..hehehe..but i managed to get some pictures..lydia,woking up from sleep..hehehe..

well, enough with the pics, then it was saturday..i went to seni foto class in the morning..it was the last class..then we took some pictures with en raai..here some pics i've taken

this is alex

Thursday, April 3, 2008

tHe UpDaTeS

since saturday is the last time i update my blog..well a lot of story happens..i really2 in bad mood for two days..sunday and monday..perang dingin with my jijie..crazy..i delete all his msges in my phone + his pics + his phone no yg i mmg hafal..not even hv appetite to eat..reason: hmmm..sulking coz he promise to go out but yet it is cancelled without even telling me earlier bout it..it really makes me piss off. monday the same thing happen again.urggggggghhhhhhh..rasa nak cekik2 jek laki ni..but then i have to put that aside coz i have presentation 4 the poster..we're the 1st grup..lega daa habis..tp syg ler coz d megapixel of the image is not tt much makes it blur..hv to change the bckground..hmm..keja ag..

then tuesday i have another presentation..eiiii..hope to finish it but have to postpone the presentation next week..dah lama sgt tunda dh malas dah ok..nasib ler the other asgment dah stat..huhu..then dapat tau abt practicum breafing that will happened on the 14 of april..i already bought a ticket on 11..camaner ler admin ni..last minit tol wat keja..aku ok ler leh tukar tiket..xler mahal maner pun..tp yang kesiannyer kat diorang yg stay in kuching..it will definitely cost a lot of money..huh! then, i edit mr zol's work..soo psycho with the graph and the excel.nasib ader LALA aturkan excel..harapkan aku..huh..aperla akan jadi agaknyer ekk..aku stil mrajuk tuh..hpon aku off jer malam tuh..malas tul nak layan dia..sengal!!!

wednesday is the last class 4 mr zol..hey mama army..aku pun nak pic ngan pirates of bangi tu k..ehhh,ko ngan ngaku dia abg ko..ko pun pirate gak la ek.. :p hehehe..then, balik jer bilik trus tdo..bes woooo...ujan..huahuahua..pastu jijie call..aku saje malas angkat..biar dia rasa..then later dia call ag..n then i found out dia kena flu..cian lak aku dengar suara dia..hmmm..merajuk aku?hmmm hilang trus..

thursday..action research day..kali ni tgk video ag..ni kira kali ke 3 ulang tayang tau..aku rasa lecturer ni dah xde bahan laen kot!! whateva la..aku layan tenet jek..then pas makan ngan bibi kat pusan, LALA n i go to aniz's rum nak berguru pasal Adobe..nak edit poster..hushhhhhh pening2 kepala aku..hehehhe..at last jadi gak..yeaaaaa...esk leh print..hehehehe...

sumthing yg dah lama aku pk..why sumer org selfish? u can say u care abt other people but really are u that kind hearted to care abt others with no advantage at all to you? seriously certain people are very hypocrite..believe that they say nothing but only the truth..yea rite..when they talk abt others xper..gitu gini bagai nak rak..salah orang besar kuman pun macam satu kampung kena bom hebohbyer..tp bila diorang wat salah..menyiput jekk..nak ngaku..soriler..tapi bila diri sendiri kena bom..wowwwww....menyinga balik..hmmm..politik hidup manusia..biaser la..

tu ler pasal i want to be a psychiatrist. i want to know what people think,what they feel..if la ader alat pengesan bohong yg mudah alih..bez nyer dapat scan sorang2..hehehehe...well, what can i say..to err is human anyway

no pics yet k..hv no time to upload..maybe a bit later