Saturday, January 3, 2009

jOm JaLaN-jAlAn

bile aku baca balik my last entry, ciss aperla aku merapu-rapu kat korang..hehehe
well then, here is the supposedly to be the entry for the 2nd january..
firstly,aku rasa ada bufday someone aku xigt la sape..sape ekk...aku bab2 mengingat date nih mmg la lelembap nyer..xkirala sape pun, ellyshallphie want to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY..
 since 2nd january falls on everyone is at home..well, it is a rule in the family that friday is the family day n we usually hang out together on that we are all heading out to the town..the weather is not that good..coz it's raining occasionally with a strong wind that can almost blow you away..we hurrily went inside the Billion, one of the used-to-be a famous hang out place. why do i said this?because it is very crowded before, but after the building of the malls, it is rather empty..amid this, the place is still a choice for the towners to shop as there are many boutiques selling fasionable attires suitable for all people. besides, Billion also offers the deli that serves yummy pastry..hehehe..there is also a bowling centre there but it is under renovation right now..

Billion, KB

after approximately 3 hours there, we go to centre of kb town..the road is very pack with vehicle since it is friday and maybe people want to do last minute shopping for the school opening on sunday..two of my bros are going back on the third so they need some stuff from the we are heading there..upon arrival..there are already a very long queue at the's a must that you will brush into other people's shoulder dad, knowing that my dad does not like a crowded place, so my bros and mum make a quick grab of the stuff..there are two baskets full of took less than 20 minutes for them to get the items needed and then they quickly queue at the counter.since it's very crowded,i decided to stay i wandering around and see a stall selling baked cashewnuts..this is my mom and i fave i buy a packet, and start munching the nut while waiting for the others tooks almost half an hour for my mom to queue..why not they open a mydin mall like  the one in terengganu?it will be more comfortable for the customer to purchase the items there and surely they will also gain a lot of profit..
then, it's the time to find an we list down which place to go..then my dad suggesting to eat the steam rice..everyone is we go to Berek 12 where one of the famous steam rice restaurant is called Nasi Kukus Zakini.besides famous of their steam rice and spicy fried chicken, the restaurant also serves steamboat, and colek buah. i haven't try these yet but looking at the customers there, i guess there are quite good. the restaurant is also very pack of customers and does not have a single table to spare us so we juz take it away and eat at home..

nasi kukus

well, that's a friday for my family..if it's not raining we will usually went picnicking at the waterfall or having a camp at the beach...feeling sad already coz need to go back to ukm..huhuhu

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