Monday, August 4, 2008

tHe LoNg UNtOLd StOrY

August is already there is about 4 months to end the year..still there are a lot of items in my list that is hasn't yet fulfill..hmmm..will i have enough time??i quite doubt about it but really there's nothing impossible in this life,rite... I know i haven't write for a few months..i'm soooooo lazy to update..hehehe..but now i'm back..and i will try to update this every day..hopefully i will have the willpower or volition to do this thing.. My life so far is at the good level..i am surrounded by love of my family,frens n my jijie..these are the basic elements that uphold my spirit to keep going on day by day..surely,i'll do everything for them let's start with the day..some people may have the Monday blues but i don't have to feel it..why??because i don't have any class on what i do today is i wake up late..around 12.30pm..laziying in bed is sooooo nice..then, watching the tv..well, no prog in particular..juz merely watching..i forget to inform that i'm fasting no lunch.then i watch a japanese serie called team medical's a nice story..about how a team of surgeon struggle to save the patience's life related to heart of the actor is from the Gokusen 2. the fans will now who the character is then i'm cooking the potato soup for my's very nice esp when it is hot..yummy.. so that's my MOnday..a very leasure day..and i love to be like this.. however, it will not ends the same for the rest of the week..i have a presentation this i really have to start working..or else die!!! hmmm..i better start working now..catch u guys later..take care for noww

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