Saturday, August 23, 2008

MeReLy WrItiNg..

saturday is the day to relax and clearing my mind from the hectic of the long week..but this week is a rather short for me..that's becoz i went was out of was last thursday and i was feeling sooo homesick that i decided to browse the pics of my family..i'm calling all my siblings and my parents and i thought i must go home..soo the next day i bought the ticket and off to kota bharu on monday..even though it just for 3 days it's worthy..coz i'm surrounded with love and comfort of the family..
we chill out together..went out..having big family dinner..watching movies together..these are pleasant events for me..realising how we all have grown up and everyone is so busy, so we decided to make any holiday that we have a memorable that when we go back to our study we will always remember it until we meet again for the next holiday..

mae bro zainul

also mae bro fakar aka joe

mae youngest bro fiqree

mae one and only sis - syafiqah

so the sweet short holiday still lingers on me now but i have to start working..really have to..there's a thesis waiting on the line plus the mid term and the melta i have to work on..yeah..tyme to be bookworm again..reading is sickening when u have to read for purpose..but no choice..i like it or not i have to read..or else i will die..
but today i juz want to relax..watching tv and running the gilmore girls on comp..and read a novel..tomorrow i will start working..hopefully..
well till then, adieu

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