Wednesday, December 31, 2008

WeLcOmE tO ThE yEaR 2009!!!

Happy New Year 2009 everyone..wishing the new year will bring much more happiness and success to us all..i don't feel an inch of hesitation of leaving 2008 as it has brings so much joy to me. i met a lot of new people, learnt many new things and gained lots of experiences. the memories will always be kept close to me my heart. 
this new year will mark a new change in my life..i will turn 24 and will be starting to have my own away from family and starting my own will that be.let us wait and see..and perhaps this new year will rest with my engagement or even a marriage...hehehehe..still early to talk about it but one thing for sure is that something will happened in september or october..thinking of it makes me chill already..
well,enough with the saying and let's enjoy the new year with a new perspective of resolution? lose weight and be rich.. yeah..
well, i will be leaving my hometown on the 5th of jan. so, there's still a couple of days to spend with my family before heading back to ukm..i want to use the remaining days to manja2 with my mom and dad, quarrelling with my bros n sis..hehehe..
hopefully, this new year, i will be more diligent to update my blog..should put this in my resolution too..
to readers and dear friends.. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 from ellyshallphie

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